My small collection of Bbags - all started just mere three weeks ago!

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  1. I discovered Bbags very late - about three weeks ago. Bought five since then...
    They are:
    Pewter City
    Tomato Day
    Red metallic mini classique
    Blueberry first
    Bronze day

    The last two are on their way... so I am posting the first three I received...
    BMini.JPG BTomato.JPG BPewter.JPG
  2. What a beautiful collection you have started!! I can't wait to see the Blueberry and Bronze pics!!
  3. Wow! Congrats! I love the metallics too!
    So... what's next?:graucho:
  4. Thanks. I love my Bbags. I love my Chanel bags too but Bbags are chic and less obvious. I don't want people at work to gasp at my Chanel and go :wtf:
  5. Ohh.. please..don't prompt me...I am trying to stop! I need to relocate soon so my existing bag collection is aleady a huge headache and I can't buy anymore....
  6. Wow, u started late here but catching up real fast!!! Keep them coming in.... more... more... and of course u can buy more, after your relocation.:p

    Love all your purchases! Congrats!:heart::tup::heart::tup:
  7. Congrats! And absolutely LOVE this!

  8. congrats on all the new additions!!! love all your bag choices!
  9. I love it the most too. After wearing it for just one day, I start to understand why people pay over retail for it (myself included). I wore it to work yesterday with my new Burberry tweed trench coat and they looked so nice together. I got a lot of compliments. Even my picky choosy hubby said it looked great. I especially love the fact it kind of reflects the color surrounding it so for one minute it is sliver and the next it looks bronze or divine! This is my one and only City , I love using the handles and find the shoulder strap not all that comfortable.
  10. Congrats!!! I just transfered my stuff to my Pewter First :heart: It seems really like the perfect holiday color too :yes:
  11. What season is the red metallic city from?
  12. What a gorgeous collection! Love your pewter City and tomato Day! :love:
  13. It is from the 2004 holiday collection. It is tiny but serves well as a nice evening bag - a good alternative to a clutch cause you can wear it on the shoulder or grab it by the handle. I can fit in my key holder, card holder, cell phone and a compact powder. Goes well with an all black outfit. I am thinking to sell it though since I have way too many evening bags.
  14. congrats! love the pewter
  15. Congrats....what a great start!!!!!