My Small Collection of babies....Chanel, LV, Bal, Celine etc

  1. You have great taste, congrats :smile: I'm jealous!
  2. You have such an amazing beautiful collection, love every pieces!
  3. Thank you sweetie that's very kind of you to say such lovely words x
  4. Thank you its that your stunning Trapeze in your avatar its gorgeous :biggrin:
  5. I thought I would post a few new additions that I got for my Birthday



  6. OMG, I am literally drooling. Your collection is so fab!!
  7. I LOOOOVE your collection, keep up the great work!!!!
  8. I'd be super happy if I had your 'small' collection! :smile:
  9. Stunning collection! Love the variety! :dothewave:
  10. Xmas present from DH....... Chopard Happy diamond heart earrings

    A pic of my little Chopard set
  11. Stunning collection - love all your bags!

    Fab jewels too!
  12. such a nice collection! Love the recent additions, the Mulberry is soo cute! Chopard set is very interesting.
  13. Inspired to get a Celine luggage tote after seeing your thread :smile: Great taste in bags, I love your collection!
  14. Really great collection! You've got all my favorite designers and styles covered! I'm especially motivated now to move the Velo up on my list!
  15. Hi can i ask where did you get your leather jackets? They look fabulous on you :smile: and i think a celine box bag would be a great addition yes? :graucho: