My small collection.. hopefully it will grow soon :)

  1. This is my small collection and I cant wait to get more! I am still " in desperate need of chanel " .. so hopefully that will come soon!! :smile:

    This picture is my older bags... I used to be obsessed with coach but sold quite a few recently.. This is what i have left from the older stuff... ( coach .. cavalli .. dior )


    I LOVEEE glasses... here are some of mine :
  2. Love your hobo and the wristlet! And great glasses.. I want a pair of designer glasses!
  3. wow you have alot of eyeglasses
    being on TPF
    you know it`ll grow !
  4. some more....
  5. carolina herrera and coach


    marc jacobs and moschino


    ANDD i bought these 2 last week!!

    marc jacobs and miu miu

  6. Great Diors
  7. Cute collection!
  8. very nice :smile:
  9. Great collection!
  10. Cute Diors and love the tan MJ!
  11. I love that Miu Miu! Thanks for sharing!
  12. I like your collection!! The Cavalli is especially cute, and also the miu miu... :smile:
    Love to see what your first chanel will be!
  13. The pink dior is adorable. Cute collection!
  14. Very nice!
  15. Very nice collection!! :tup: