My small collection..etc...

  1. thanks for sharing. :nuts:

    have you sold bags on Ebay; your bedsheet looks very familiar, I could have sworn someone selling b-bags from their collection photographed them on that exact bedsheet. :amuse:

    Did you buy Dudeiloveyou's anis City? If so, you are one lucky girl. :biggrin:
  2. yeah, LOL ;) I sold some of them, I sold my magenta city (not actually, because the buyer hasnt paid yet:cry: ) and my turq 04 city. Yes, my anis city is from dude:love:
  3. I was thinking the same thing! :nuts: I remember those sheets...I believe it was an 04 turquoise on
  4. *hint hint* LOL:love: I am on the process of downsizing to buy new rule is "one bag IN, one bag out" LOL:biggrin:
  5. Wow. Very pretty collection. You are right Amour20 you need my 04' Lilac City. She would fit in perfectly!
  6. I can definitely relate...I'm doing the same! My boyfriend thinks I'm out of my mind...when I sold my baby paddy, he was like "Didn't you just buy that?? Didn't you HAVE to have that??" He just doesn't understand!
  7. Fabulous - I had my eye on your turquoise City - I hope it went to a good home. :biggrin:

    Please post pics of that Anis when you get it - I was this close, and then poof it was gone. I guess I should thank you - since you saved me from myself. :P

  8. aawwww yeah:love: :shame: the lilac 04 is lovely:love:
  9. Lucky girl, you got the anis city! :love: And you had a magenta city? :nuts: I need to start surfing eBay a lot more than I already do!
  10. will do!:love: as soon as I get my rose twiggy tomorrow I will post pix as well, the anis is going to be here in a couple of more days *I hope soon*:biggrin:
  11. LOL:love: my fiance is really supportive of my addiction but it's just me who wants to downsize ( I am waiting for my next birkin, LOL):biggrin:
  12. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    what a wonderful b-bag collection!!!! totally drooling!!!

    oh wow! i too, hope your turquoise City went to a great home! at the moment, i think i'd kill for a turquoise anything!!! hehehehe!!!!

    thanks so much for sharing!!!! one day my b-bag collection will be just like yours :shame: hehehe... dreams are SO free!!!! weeee heeeeeeeee
  13. LOL:love: you'll get your bag soon, don't worry..dude has a bnew city up on ebay now if you're interested:biggrin:
  14. thanks hon..awwwwwww you're so cute:love: :shame: