My small collection and recent purchases!


Feb 6, 2013
Las Vegas
This is my small collection!

I had a small black leather clutch with a hinge that I just loved. I fell under hard times and pawned it for $25 </3 I haven't seen one like it since.

I don't know the official name for this one. Bought it from the outlet here in Vegas four years ago for around $400 after taxes. By far my favorite purse ever and has taken quite the beating!

My whimsical backpack! My son and I have matching monkeys. His is brown and hangs off his backpack :smile: Also have a disneyland keychain hanging off it with the coach tag. I use this a lot during the summer when it's too hot for me to fuss with a purse on my shoulder lol Got this at the outlet over a year ago for around $100 after taxes.

My large poppy wristlet. Love this thing and should use it more! Don't know how much it was as my ex bought it for me the Christmas after I left him. He also got me the matching coin purse which I used as a regular purse. I loved the pattern/color everything about it! It was snatched from my son's stroller as I was leaving the outlet while buying the backpack </3 I can't find it anywhere on ebay. I want it back! A year later and still heartbroken about it.

I recently went on a shopping splurge and got myself some jewelry and coach things, though :smile: Bought these bags during the outlet event this weekend. Took 50% off total at check out. Cha-ching!

This Daisy tote for $89 and the wristlet for around $30. I don't know what I'm thinking buying light colors. I should know better! lol I just wanted something big and pretty and inexpensive.

Then, I was browsing today for a coin purse similar to the one that was stolen and I came across this large Poppy wristlet on ebay and I figured, why the heck not?? $69

I'm done shopping until the holidays LOL I bought the last three online so I'll post pics when they've been delivered :heart:


May 10, 2010
Cute! My daughter in college has that backpack and she loves it! Looks like the same flowers are on the Poppy wristlet and Daisy items, just different colors.


Jun 23, 2008
A collection doesn't have to be large; it's more important to love what you have and use them. (Hmm, I should post that over my closet.) Sounds like everything you have has its purpose. So sorry to hear about your beloved coin purse, I truly dislike mean people!

All the stuff is cute but that Poppy wristlet is absolutely adorable!


Mrs. F
Apr 27, 2010
cute collection! i bought my little sister the same poppy wristlet! she was so in love with it...i was hoping to borrow it from her too lol....great bags :biggrin: