My small collection <3

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  1. I have a pretty small collection! but here are pictures...taken on my bed with my stuff animals =P

    I'm getting a LV monogram pochette accessoires sooon though!! I ordered it on eluxury last week :love:

    DB green barrel bag, Dior mini saddle bag, Lesportsac Tokidoki Bella Bella bag, Anna Sui bag, Coach demi pouch, Coach cosmetic pouch, Coach demi buckle, Coach optic, Coach coin purse, Coach optic wristlet, Prada MV515

    another picture of it..minus a few bags
  2. Lovely collection!!!
  3. Very cute collection. Lovely!
  4. Great collection! I love the Coach bags! Very colorful! Thanks for the pictures!
  5. Nice collection! I love your Anna Sui bag!
  6. Very cute collection ... really like the Anna Sui bag!
  7. Very nice collection to build on.
  8. Great! Love the D&B roll and Coach optics. I forgot the name of the cartoon on your bag in the back, but it's adorable.
  9. nice
    especially that anaa sui...
  10. Very beautiful collection! I love your Anna Sui!
  11. Lovely bags! You're off to a great start!
  12. very nice collection!!!
  13. omg..u have that anna sui bag too!!
    i love using it for night outs! everything fits perfectly inside! cute collection~
  14. i love your coach and your anna sui bags!! gorgeous!
  15. I love your Anna Sui bag too! It's so cute!!!
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