My Small Chanel Goodies

  1. as a guy. you are rather limited as to what you can rock when it comes to chanel. but, i found a few little things that are rather versatile and lots of fun. my kewl new chanel eyeglasses, i'm blind as a bat, so i may as well have kewl glasses. my cute chanel pin, it's really small and subtle but also really fun as it's made up of little pyramids and spikes. and last, my bakelite chanel CC cuff which is just kinda trendy and looks good doubled up with my black dior chris 47 watch. yay!


  2. very cute! I love the pin!
  3. love the cuff!
  4. I love everything, mmm want the cuff!
  5. Very nice!! :tup:
  6. Hey Kodi!!!!!

    LOVE the glasses.....very cool!!!! And the pin looks perfect for a lapel (or anywhere really), and the cuff is just gorgy!!!!

    All really cool stuff!!!!:tup:

  7. very nice Kodi!! those glasses are awesome and that cuff is hot!
  8. love the cuff!
  9. Great glasses!! It makes me want to go see the eye doctor.
  10. congrats on your goodies.
  11. LOVE it all!! Rock on!
  12. Nice haul!
  13. that pin is hot!
  14. nice!
  15. cute stuff, kodi!