my small chanel collection

  1. hi. im a new chanel fan and here's my really small collection. i got the extra jumbo classic last year and last month, i got the reissue 227 in metallic black followed by the bowler in patent gold :love: after few weeks.

    im still wishing for the red and the black patent of the bowler luxury ligne. i hope id get one of those for christmas :angel:
    Pictures 110.jpg
  2. Hi and welcome.
  3. Hi! welcome to the forum!
  4. welcome to the frorum, goregeous pieces by the way
  5. welcome! congrats on your beautiful collection!
  6. Great bags, welcome!
  7. ooh your collection is so cute and it'll definitely grow! i have the metallic black but in 226 and i love it!
  8. cute collection. welcome to tpf!!
  9. Welcome to tPF!:smile: Great Collection! Congrats!
  10. gorgeous collection!
  11. Welcome and I love your collection!
  12. Welcome and congrats:tup:
  13. Love your collection!:heart:
    Welcome to TFP:smile:
  14. Hi, glad you are joining us. Now you can never leave and will be totally obsessed like the rest of us. LOL!! Love your collection, look forward to seeing it grow.:smile:
  15. you have a wonderful starter collection...what made you enter the world of chanel, for yourself...everyone has a first reason...[mine was when i could afford a bag for myself, and a present for my mom]...then i was hooked....:heart::heart::heart: