My small but sweet collection

  1. Here's my collection....a work in progress, lol. Sorry about the not so great pictures I am not to camara savvy. :smile:


    And just got her in the mail today.....:yahoo: and I am in love!!!!! A must have.

  2. Not small, but definitely sweet! Congrats on your Sophie...I am waiting for one to come in the mail too!!
  3. So NOT small! Very impressive!!! :drool: Thanks for sharing!
  4. Nice...I would not call that "small"!
  5. Very nice. And I wouldn't use the word "small" either.
  6. Gorgeous collection!!!!!!!! Definetly not small!
  7. It's definately NOT small! It's beautiful! CONGRATS!
  8. Definitely a sweet collection!!
  9. yeahh my collection is like a million times smaller than that! you have a great collection!
  10. Thanks guys...I have really enjoyed myself on here and glad to finally be able to show my collection. :smile:
  11. Nice collection! I love the sophie! =)
  12. Awesome collection! :biggrin: Congrats on the Sophie, it's TDF.
  13. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the sophie.
  14. Wow, awesome collection! small?? no way! you've got a pretty good family going on there ;) enjoy the beautiful new Sophie!
  15. That's not small! Everything looks great, and congrats on the Sophie!!