my small but still growing colletion!

  1. I know that I don't have much yet but it's still growing! :smile:Here are my bags:

    (left to right)
    - Juicy Couture Daydreamer Tote
    - Coach Hamptons Weekend Rainbow Scribble Hobo
    - Coach Signature Stripe Large Tote
    - Gucci Charmy Medium Boston Bag
    - Gucci Pouchette
    - Tokidoki for LeSportsac Tutti Viaggio Large Tote
    - Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Bucket

    Here's my non- designer bags:
    (left to right)
    - Harajuku Lovers Uh-Oh tote
    - Harajuku Lovers Catwalk Girls bag
    - Harajuki Lovers Valentine satchel
    - Puma small punch grip bag
    - Deborah Gallo Leather Satchel
    - Fashion Express white purse

    I'll update more later on when I have more bags. Thanks for looking!!!:yahoo:
  2. Very nice, love the mini lin bucket.
  3. NICE i like the coach tote and the mini lin bucket
  4. Wow, nice collection ... eyeing that mini lin ... gorgeous!
  5. Cute collection- love the LV bucket!
  6. LOVE the LV and the Juicy...that Juicy is one of the few I've seen that I actually loved...the color is sooo pretty!

    Great scribble Coach hobo too!
  7. Love your diverse collection.
  8. Very nice collection...'Specially love your Juicy stunning!!
  9. Thanks everyone! Here's another one of my bags that I forgot and my small accessories
    -Coach Hamptons Weekend Silver Scribble Hobo
    - Gucci wallet
    - Coach Signature Stripe wristlet
    - Gucci Sunglasses
  10. very nice!
  11. Love the gucci
  12. That Harajuku Lovers Catwalk Girls bag is VERY cute!
  13. Very cute collection ... especially love that mini lin bucket!
  14. I got a new purse yesterday!! YAY!!!
  15. Here's my new baby :graucho: