My small but still growing Coach family!

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  1. I posted this already in the sticky for our collections... lol, but i wasnt satisfied because no one could comment or ask questions or anything.. so here it is again!!! If its wrong to repost it... i'm sorry!!!

    Left-ish to Right-ish:
    Green Optic Ladybug Hobo '04
    Green Optic wristlet
    Ladybug key fob
    Scarf Print Wristlet '07
    Belted Plum Ergo '07
    Ergo plum wristlet
    Mosaic wristlet '05 i think
    Lilac and White signature wristlet
    Purple scarf print framed sachel '04

  2. great collection! i love the purple turnlock bag!
  3. I love your collection! You have so many colorful pieces! Congrats!
  4. Great collection!! :tup:
  5. Oh goodness! Your collection is beautiful!!! I looooooove those lady bug green bags and SO need to get one sometime. We have a lot of the same items! The lavendar wristlet, the ladybug keyfob, plum ergo and I have a small handbag in that scarf print! I love it all, gorgeous collection! The purple kisslock is so pretty too! YAY for your collection!
  6. Your bags are so pretty! I love that purple kisslock one, and the wristlet w/the belted hardware on it. Such different pieces you have. Great collection!
  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  8. beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! :tup:
  9. I LOVE your ladybug hobo (so much in fact that after I saw your post when you got it, I bought the ladybug key fob on eBay). I also love your purple scarf bag and your unique suede wristlet! And, we're ergo twins :smile:
  10. Very nice collection, Droo! I just love the plum ergo! :love:
  11. I was thinking the same. :tup:
  12. LOVE the plum ergo!
  13. Very nice, love the plum. Thanks for sharing.
  14. great collection
  15. Lovely collection - we are plum bag/wristlet twins!