My Small But Rapidly Growing Bal Family

  1. The sun has finally come out here this week and I got around to taking some pics of my very small, but rapidly growing (thanks to TPF and Corey at RDC) Bal Collection. 06 RV Purse, 06 Ink Hook Duffle, 06 Sapin City (my first Bal:love:), 07 Pine CP and 06 Indigo Money. I have a Sienna Day coming and am lusting after a Step, RTT, Envelope Clutch in EB or Magenta and probably another Day since they fit sooo well on my shoulder. Ah, the hunt is on......:girlsigh:
  2. Beautiful collection ;)
  3. Cute family! I love your RV Purse :love:
  4. You have a lovely collection :tup:

    The RV purse is lovely!!
  5. Suzzeee *you* bought that RV purse I was eyeing on RDC! I was pondering it for a while and then it was on hold and GONE! Congrats you lucky girl, all of your Bbags are wonderful!
  6. Love your collection - just beautiful!
  7. Beautiful! They all look so lovely and smooshy!
  8. I'm so glad I got that one - the color is tdf and the handles fit on my shoulder- yay!! I have a Sienna Day on layaway there right now so pics of her as soon as I can "spring" her.

    Thanks everyone for your nice comments!
  9. Well if for some odd, bizarre, insane reason you ever want to let her go you know where to turn first :graucho:

    I've seen that sienna day too, it's gorgeous with the GGH! I hope you can get it soon. I bought my day from RDC too, I :heart: them!
  10. stunning collection =)
  11. Beautiful, smooth glossy leather and gorgeous colors, I'd say you did great!!! Big congrats!!! :tup:
  12. What a great collection! I love that you're getting lots of different styles -- a lovely blend of accessories of handbags! :yes:
  13. Great collection! Such a lovey mix!
  14. beautiful! Love that RV purse especially!
  15. Ah, thanks guys - I:heart:my Bbags:love: