My small but lovely collection of LV

  1. On an unrelated note, after viewing all these lovely pictures and exchanging my faulty MC Trouville I got all my babies out for a family photo.

    • Monogram Pochette Accessories - my first; for high school grad.
    • Monogram Mini Looping - from my mommy for 19th bday
    • Monogram Speedy 30 - from myself :P ; for college grad
    • Monogram Papillon 26 - from my hubby for college grad.
    • MC Trouville - from hubby for getting my first job.
    • Vernis Porte Tresor International in Perle- from big sis for first job.
    • Vernis Billfold in Framboise - from hubby for first anniversary
    NOT shown: Speedy 25 and Mono Zipped Compact Wallet (out on loan)
  2. Great collection!
  3. i would love to have ur hubby, mom and sis :P
    congrats, that's a great collection
  4. What A Great Collection!!! Such Beautiful Gifts!!!!! Welcome To The Purse Forum!!!!!!! :smile:
  5. Welcome and thanks for sharing your collection! I love the color of that billfold...yummy.
  6. Nice collection!!
  7. Very nice collection!
  8. Very nice!
  9. Sensational collection. They're beautiful pieces.
  10. Great collection. You have a wonderful variety of LV.:flowers:
  11. Great collection! Love the sentimental value behind each piece!:heart:
  12. GORGEOUS collection!!! Thank you for sharing with us and welcome to tPF!:flowers:
  13. Welcome to tPF!!:flowers:
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous collection.:smile:
  14. :smile: I love your collection.
  15. I love the fact that you got each piece on special occasions. It just makes it more special:smile: Welcome to PF! And very nice collection.
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