My small but loved collection...

  1. My collection is small, but I love them all! :heart:

    Louis Vuitton Mono Speedy 25
    LV Damier Speedy 30
    LV Damier Pochette Cles
    LV Pochette Porte Monnaie NM Wallet
    LV Damier Azur Pochette (1 day old!)
    Coach Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag
    Coach Leather Demi Purse
  2. lovely :smile: thanks for sharing
  3. Great collection!! I'm kinda jealous I want pretty much everything in your collection. LOL
  4. i love your black wallet
  5. Oooh I love the pochette wallet especially, lovely collection !
  6. Pretty!
  7. Hi:nuts:
    Thank you for sharing!
    At least you got 5 LV and I didn't have any yet.:oh::sad:
  8. Very nice-every piece is classy and timeless! Congrats!:flowers:
  9. Great collection - love the azur pochette!
  10. very nice :smile:
  11. Great collection!
  12. great collection love the mc wallet and azur!
  13. Lovely collection!
  14. Love your pochettes! what a beautiful, concise collection!
  15. your collection is adorable. I love the LV's!