My small, but loved collection

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm kinda new here (really wish I had chosen a better user name), and I'm more of a lurker here than anything else. I've posted a few things here and there though. Since I've noticed most folks like to show their collections off, I wanted to show off my small but very loved collection. I think it's pretty well rounded don't you? As you can tell I try to keep with pretty neutral colors, but the plum Maggie had me at hello. :biggrin:

    Here it is!
  2. What a great collection!
  3. Easter bunny! this is not "my small".. this is good! :woohoo: they r beautiful.. i have one like ur multicolor wristlet (is that a wristlet? bottom, right in the photo) i dont even know it's name, i lost the tag, but mine is crossbody bag. nway, thanks for sharing ur collection- congratulation!! :tup:
  4. You have alot of great timeless pieces! Great collection! I too wish I would have but more thought into my user name but some reason picked my dogs name :thinking:
  5. Welcome!!! I like your user name!!! I like Bunnies!!! Very Cute!!!!!

    Your collection is great!!!! I love the Plum Maggie!!!! The Legacy bags are always nice!!! I like the Ocelot small walllet too!!!!
    You don't have a "big" collection for it to be great!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. you have a lovely collection! i'm sure it will grow and grow! that maggie is TDF!
  7. love your name and the beautiful collection! welcome :O)
  8. Yes, it is a capacity wristlet. It was an outlet purchase. I bought it for a cruise and it came in quite handy!

    Thanks for the comments all. Easter Bunny is what my DH calls me so it was the first thing I thought of. LOL
  9. Great collection!
  10. Great bags..
  11. I see a Zoe...I love my Zoe:tup: Great collection!
  12. welcome hey look at my name LOL your Maggie is a beautiful color enjoy
    My name is also one of my dogs name it beat SPIKE LEE......
  13. You have a great collection!
  14. love your mandy and maggie!! TDF!!!
  15. You have a really nice collection!
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