My Small but Happy Purse Family

  1. Not nearly as large and impressive as some of the ones I've seen here, but loved and cherished nontheless:

    The core of the family:
    *Mono Keepall 45 Bandouliere
    *Mono Batignolles Horizontal
    *Mono Alma
    *Mono Pochette
    *Mono Wapity
    *Mono Compact Zip Wallet
    *Mini Mono Juliette
    *Multicolore Theda
    *Vernis Framboise Cles

    Put up for adoption from my bag family :cry:
    *Mono Vanity Star Souple
    *Mono Mini Loopin
    *Mono Petit Noe
    *Mono Popincourt Haut

    The core of my humble collection is flanked by the Extended Family of colorful aunties:
    *Isabella Fiore Sydney (toast color)
    *Kooba Mia
    *Botkier Clyde (pewter)
    *Prada Mini Knapsack (my first ever "designer* bag)
    *some other Prada hobo bag
    *the ever famous Fendi Baguette (which I can't sell because it was a bag that DH bought me when we were dating and he was trying to impress me :amuse: )
    *An ivory Fendi baguette style which was my wedding day bag

    And FINALLY, the number one reason why I can't nearly grow my collection at the rate I used to, and why TRADING up is now my best friend:
    (who has been trained already to say "NICE BAG MOM!") no matter what I happen to be carrying :smile:

    Thanks for letting me share!
  2. Haha your son is adorable, thanks for sharing!
  3. Beautiful collection and wonderful son!
  4. Wow..very nice collection..your son is adorable, thanks for sharing..
  5. He's a cutie. That's a great collection.
  6. Hey, its impressive to me! Lovely collection. :smile:
  7. lol its nice to train him to say that early ;) nice collection.
  8. that MC Theda is oh so gorgeous!

    Handsome fella you got there!

    awesome collection. Love that carry all tOo!
  9. You have a great purse family! I can't believe you're calling it small... it's a great size!
  10. amazing purse family!

    and your son is adorable!
  11. What a great collection! Your son is so handsome!
  12. Owww!!! Thats adorable! Love ur LV classics!
  13. what a wonderful collection!!! you've got some great pieces!!!! thanks so much for sharing your collection with us!!!!!!!!!!!! totally loving that Vernis Framboise Cles!!!
  14. aaawwww, your son is so cute. And your collection is great! :smile:
  15. very nice.