My Small (but Growing) RM Family *Pic*

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  1. KILLER COLLECTION SUZZEEE!! The French Tote is the BOMB!! :yahoo:Thanks for posting a photo of your babies...WE :heart: it!

    Please give us the details about the French you :love: it already??
  2. Great variety!! How do you like the french tote?! Inquiring Minkettes would love to know! :graucho:
  3. Okay guys - I love my French Tote - it's every bit as gorgeous as I thought it would be when I first saw a pic! No way is this one getting returned!!! It's large, but narrow in depth so it's easy to carry and I love how it opens super wide on the top making it super easy to pull a laptop in/out. The leather is gorgeous - thick and soft and the patent trim is very nice - the handles are the cream patent which will make them very durable. I also love this color combo - it makes the bag look very luxe and interesting. I also love that it has a small hidden pocket on the outside - perfect for my Blackberry so I don't have to dig for it - it is a big bag after all! It also has the little feet on the bottom to protect it and makes it a little more structured.
  4. Love your collection! :okay: And now I'm about to add that French tote to my list thanks to your description! (omg, not another one...when will it end?)
  5. I love the variety of your collection! :tup:
  6. I love them all! You have a great collection!
  7. Love the collection.. especially the FT as does everyone else I'm sure!!

    But I have to ask.. is that a red patent K&M??????? I love it!
  8. Yes, the K&M is red patent - it's really cute! I had gotten a pink snake one on the sample sale remainders for the NY sale, but it was badly damaged and Cory graciously changed it to this one for me - they only had red and cream patent remaining at that time.
  9. sigh...i so love your french tote, your leopard clutch and the patent red kiss & makeup! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! you have such a unique and varied collection!
  10. great collection!~ definitely cool!
  11. your collection is very chic!
  12. love your collection! it's hot! also love your bedspread, so feminine!