My small but growing collection-not bad for a guy

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    Here is my growing collection. I have three bags. My HG bag is the LV Utah although I typically only use it for seminars and travel. My everyday bag is the medium sized dark brown one. Its from Italy although I dont remember the designer. I have a smaller one that I carry occasionally when I only need a few things and carrying a smaller wallet. It's the llight collered one which is an R & B.

    My wallets are: Black Coach (my first designer wallet which I'm carrying today), Khaki Coach, Black Coach skinny mini (too cute!), Marc by Marc Jacobs zip aroung wallet ( I love this wallet and want one in black), Donney (I use this when I want more of a traditional guys wallet), Fossil and the Coach long zip in black (I carry this when traveling).

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  2. This is my newest pride and joy. Definetly my HG wallet. A Linea Pelle Dylan zip. I sometimes carry this by itself without my bag as my cell phone easily fits in it. I have had more compliments on this wallet. Almost everytime I carry it I get compliments. The leather is soooooo soft and I love the functionallity of the wallet. .
  3. A few close-ups of my Utah and Brown messenger.

    My wife also states that her collection is really my collection since Im the purse crazed nut in our family. I have bought her the following" Jimmy Choo Saba in white-JC Ramona black patent-JC Mahala coffee, LV Galleria PM Azure Damier, Rebecca Minkoff Nikki in natural, Buga Tasia in forest green-Bulga Butterfly in yellow and numerous coach bags.

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  4. Great collection! Very classic looking pieces!
  5. That's a fab collection you have there, 4everglammm.
  6. great collection, thanks for posting
  7. Great collection. I love the Linea Pelle.