My small but dearly loved collection


Aug 23, 2006
Hi everyone hope you enjoy viewing my collection. It's very small by dearly loved. I don't see many of you who have Brightons but that seems to be my addiction.


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Great Collection! Brighton Has Some Gorgeous Pieces. I'm Not Sure The Name Of The Bag....You Have Two Similar ~ The Two With The Heart Handles!!!!!!! I Love That Bag. I'm Trying To Remember When I First Saw It, 2001ish??? As I See Your Picture I Falling In Love All Over Again!!!!!! :smile:
I have two Brightons! The red Chantilly (my FAVE) and the two-tone Keely. I LOVE THEM! I also have a small red Brighton wallet and at least 4-5 of their belts. :nuts:

You look like you've cleaned out a Brighton Boutique all on your own! I'm jealous! Funny thing, I used to think Brightons were pricey (until I started buying Prada and Gucci!). Now I'm thinking of all the Brightons I could have gotten with that high end bag money!:wtf:
Lovely collection! Brighton is very popular in my town. I think its very pretty. I have a bit of Brighton jewelry and small accessories, mostly hair clips. I ebayed the only Brighton handbag I owned.