My Small but Cute Collection of Caramellas! pics.....

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  1. Here are my Inferno, Paradiso and L'Amore. Thanks for looking :heart:

    Attached Files:

  2. Love them all! You have the perfect placement on both sides of your paradiso caramella!!
  3. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT AWESOME Lamore caramella :sad: i want one just like that!!!!
  4. very cute! i love the inferno in particular.
  5. Love the placement on ur amore! Cute collection!
  6. Thanks sweetbee, pandanoir, tokisteph and Swtest2Lips!!

    pandanoir...I ordered the l'amore from pulse when they had their sale. My favorite on that one is adios & ciao-ciao :heart:
  7. oh wow those caramellas are cuuute! You really did get great placement on all of them. I especially love the inferno with the weinie roast devil :biggrin:
  8. yay for caramellas! i love my amore n pirata ones too! must get more!
  9. they're all very nice :]!! i like the back of your paradiso caramella!
  10. I love your amore caramella!! Actually they all have good placement. It's too bad I can't find a good collection in my area.
  11. Thanks tokidokiangel, bubblesung, peachfuzz and bagfever!!
  12. O:huh:OO very cute! Wow, and you got the sushi boy on the paradiso one :tup:
  13. ooh cute caramellas :biggrin:
  14. cute....
  15. Very nice!:greengrin: