My small but current collection...

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  1. Since my bag collection is in a constant state of flux, I figured I should just take occasional photos! Of these, I think I am permanently stuck with (i.e., can't tear myself away from) the Rouge Vif City, the Caramel Day and the Teal Mini-classique. Otherwise- expect a totally new photo next month:P ! I also have a truffle City that's hiding out until Christmas...

    Okay, clockwise from top left:
    -'04 Eggplant Purse
    -'06 Rouge Vif City
    -'06 Blueberry Day
    -'04 Pumpkin First
    -'05 Caramel Day
    -Teal Mini Classique in the middle...
  2. HEAVEN exists and I just saw it!!!

    Love the bags and the pic--thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  3. Congrats Stylefly !!!
    Your collection is so unique (only amazing colours) and well-balanced !!!
    I really love your Pumpkin First!!!!
    Thank you for sharing with us !!!!!!!!!
  4. wow! those colors just made me smile! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!
  5. wow... the colors are soo vibrant, hurt my eyes a little... but in a good way of course!! I LOVE THEM!
  6. GREAT collection! ENJOY!
  7. BEAUTIFUL!! What a stunning collection u have stylefly:heart::heart::heart:
    My absolute favourites are The Rouge Vif city and of course the LOVELY teal mini classique..
  8. Aaaaaah, what a treat for the eyes! They are all gorgeous, and the whole even greater than the sum of the parts. Beautiful collection!
  9. Wow congrats!! I love the mini classic!!
  10. Love your collection!!! It makes me so happy looking at it!
  11. Great pics and great bags of course!
  12. What a beautiful picture of all your BEAUTIFUL bags! Can I have some of that?
  13. Wow, I love all your colors! Gorgeous!
  14. ^^ awe, i love the teal mini :love:
  15. What a lovely collection those colors are amazing I couldn't let go of a single one of them!