My small, but beloved collection...

  1. My small, but :heart: beloved :heart: collection... I'm in college and my parents definitely do not approve of this habit, so I do the best I can-- little by little!

    Thanks for viewing!
    DSC04748.JPG DSC04754.JPG DSC04758.JPG DSC04782.JPG DSC04745.JPG
  2. more...
    DSC04752.JPG DSC04753.jpg
  3. I picked up this Philip Lim bag at Nordstrom Rack back in May thanks to a tPFer who posted it under Deals and Steals, marked down to $99, from $995.00! I love the bag... but the hardware is so0o heavy I end up begging my boyfriend to carry it... hahaha...

    Will post the rest in the morning!
  4. love the manhattan. congrats on the insane deal on the purse and you have a good collection
  5. Love your LV! great collection.
  6. Wow, great bags! Awesome collection!
  7. Lovely
  8. Thanks =) It's still quite small... but hopefully not for too much longer!
  9. a few more...
    DSC04763.JPG DSC04766.JPG DSC04771.JPG DSC04791.JPG
  10. almost done...
    DSC04790.JPG DSC04770.JPG
  11. Great collection, you may think it's small but it's bigger than mine! And $99 for a $995 bag--great bargain!
  12. last, but not least!
    DSC04779.JPG DSC04793.JPG DSC04797.JPG
  13. girl, your collection is not small! You have some very beautiful bags!! Love the Fendi.:tup:
  14. super collection
  15. I wish i had the "small" collection you do.
    This really isnt small and the items are timeless, most wont go out of style