My small Bal familytree...


Sep 6, 2006
My small Balfamily is celebrating the new "days" arrival:

with a nice familypic.

I had an emerald and rouille city as well as an ink work but they all had to leave. The first two colors and the work size just didn't do it for me.

Plan to add a naturel what the rest is concerned I'm not shure yet maybe french blue or bleu glacier, suggestions are welcome!



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OMG .... whos been climbing trees then,:shocked:

When I clicked on the link and saw the pictures just went into a fit of laughter. Brilliant post.

The bags are really lovely love the the hobo a beautiful collection of Bal. bags
That is just adorable! Now ya just need an apple! (bbag that is lol!)

Now that's an idea...:yes:

aaallabama :roflmfao:
worst would have been hubby coming home early...:sweatdrop:

your free to create your own, but that's the only thing that's free :P

It's a fall 06 camel (it does have the thickest leather of the 4)