my small bag collection (growing!)

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  1. this is my bag collection. in the back, are my my dooney and bourke small bucket bag, and my pochette. in the middle are my two cach thins (a wristlet and a wallet. in the front is my mc wapity.. i also have another coach (bag) but i cant find it... evil bag!
  2. Adorable collection :smile: thx for posting ^_^
  3. Our collections are pretty similar. A little bit of Coach, a little bit of everything. Thanks for sharing you have a great collection.
  4. thats a really cute collection! love the MC wapity btw.. very very classy!
  5. thanks! i am a teensy weensy bit jealous of some of the ladies and gentlemen's collections here (although, i think im on the right track 4 somebody whos 12)
  6. very cute wapity~
  7. Very cute collection! I have the same Coach wristlet. :heart:
  8. i love your collection
    your def on the right path :smile:
  9. thank yous to everyone!
  10. thanks for sharing! your collection is huge for 12!:nuts: love the mc wapity!
  11. Cute collection!
  12. Nice collection! Love your wapity!
  13. very nice :smile:
  14. I don't think I even had a purse when I was 12! So you are way ahead of the game over some of us slow pokes! Great collection
  15. I didn't have a designer bag til I was 16 or 17, cute collection! I want to see it in like 10 years, I can image how much bags you'll have!
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