my small AW09 reveal

Apr 11, 2007
Fabulous colour these dip dyes scarfs look so fab congrats
Get well soon Robee
I have been ill all week with flu and couldnt get into my store to pick up something special and also wanted to see the new scarfs so your pics help cheer me up, hope im better this week and can get in to see them
ladyjane, so sory to hear. get well soon so that you can pick your goodies :flowers:


love my furry ones!
May 26, 2009
Bermuda Triangle
gemibebe & ladyjane - will definitely try to get well....

butterfly - i have not see those scarves in our shop yet (or i miss them out haha)... they are beautiful........
Apr 11, 2007
gosh......the colors didn't come out very nice......Ladies, if you have the chance to see this GM irl, you will be in love with it!