My Small And Growing Collection

  1. [​IMG]
  2. congratulations! I love the patent!
  3. I was doing a test first , now I can add the rest...thank you for your kind replies
  4. Very nice :smile: thanks for sharing.
  5. I forgot to put my poor LV Petit Noe. It was my first real bag. I will post a pic of it soon.
  6. Love your vernis collection! And your Coach bags are too cute!!!
  7. oooh- the Bronze vernis is so alluring! Love the Chanel as well!
  8. Wow I love your collection!! Such versatility!! Classic, practical, yet modern! Your Tod's bag is TDF and that Balenciaga looks so smooshy! Congrats!!
  9. Fabulous collection. Love the Tod's bag, its such a great color!
  10. great collection such variety
  11. I love these posts with subject lines "small and growing" or "humble," etc. Because when I open them, these "small" collections are about what I have, and I think I have too much :smile: I can only handle about 10 bags at a time.Great collection!
  12. [​IMG]

    Now, THIS is an AMAZING bag!!!! All of your bags are! You have great taste!
  13. :drool:

    I love all of the LV's! :biggrin:
  14. ooooh you have my dream chanel in there!! drool!

    Fab collection
  15. Love them all!