My slowly growing collection...

  1. Building up my LV Collection:smile: Hehehe....
    PICT0011.JPG PICT0012.JPG PICT0015.JPG
  2. Very Nice!!!
  3. Lovely. I want a Mono Speedy now. Hee hee.
  4. Oooh I like the longchamp bags ! Cute collection !
  5. Very nice collection!

    Like the saleya and the red epi pochette you have there. :smile:
  6. Love your Saleya!
  7. Love your LVs.
  8. Cute! :biggrin: I love that gray prada, I have a prada bag like that but a slightly different style.
  9. Woah!! Your prada collection is amazing!! Your LV collection is coming along great, nice taste.
  10. Nice collection!! I really like your purple Longchamp.
  11. cute lil longchamps ya got there! Of course the other bags are killer too
  12. Cute collection! Very nice!
  13. Love the Damier bag....and the Longchamps!
  14. Love your saleya and the Lambertson Truex bag.
  15. Whaa, is that Burberry in the back? I've never seen it in those colors before, I love it :]