My sleepy baby...

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  1. [​IMG]

    I should've left him alone to let him drift off to sleep...but this was too cute not to capture! :tender:Don't you love how his one eye is sleepier than the other?! :roflmfao:
  2. hahaha!!! i saw this in your LJ but i have to comment here too because this is just tooo cute!

    Teddy is ADORABLE! Does he always fall asleep like that?
  3. so gorgeous, i love looking at my baby fall a sleep.
  4. Haha, yeah! If you watch him when he's tired, his eyes will start to get heavy and slowly they close. And he always sleeps curled up in his bed...does Rufus sleep like that or does he lay on his side?
  5. how cuteeeeee
  6. ahaha! so cute!!
  7. Adorable doggie! They love the beds with something to rest their head on, don't they? So cute!:love:
  8. I love all animals and your baby is very cute! Just went to Pet Smart today in fact. Sometimes shoppers have their pets with them, but unfortunately this morning it was just us humans shopping.
  9. So Adorable!!! one of my cat sleeps with eyes open lol
  10. He's a cutie pie!
  11. ^^LOL I love going to pet stores with my pup and meeting new ones!
  12. awww..he's sooooo cute!!! really...this is too cute!
  13. He wants me thank you all for the compliments! :P

    Aarti, I cannot bring this little rascal to the pet store without keeping him in the shopping cart! He's very adamant about marking his territory....:s:roflmfao:
  14. Nice pics..he is so cute and I love his color very much..
  15. aww that's soo cute!!! i wish I could watch Rufus fall asleep, if I stare at him, he'll just think it's playtime and bring his toys over :Push:

    Rufus is like Teddy, he sleeps curled up. Except when he gets hot, he'll stretch himself out on his side.

    dogs are soo cute!!