My Sky Blue City is here!!!!!

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  1. Mimi dear..yipeeeeee.....

    La Van..*wink wink*

    I love you both!!!!!!!:love:

    To all the ladies - thank you, I love the color sooo much:love: :shame:
  2. Great color AmourN20! Congrats and enjoy!
  3. Beautiful bag. Congrats.
  4. wow! totally love this colour!!!!!! congrats on your new b-bag!!!!
  5. Wow--Congratulations!!! That is a beautiful color!

    I hope Balenciaga does a color similar to sky blue in the future. It's amazing!
  6. Very Pretty!!! Congrats!
  7. that's such a pretty color!
  8. YAY~~~ the color is beautiful!!! I think a blue shade may be my next venture!!!
  9. thanks ladies!!!! my Teal City is here, I loveeeee it!!!!!:love: :nuts:


    side by side w/ my sky blue:

  10. Nice.
  11. OMG! The teal is INCREDIBLE! I am just in love with both bags!:love: You are sooooo lucky!!! So jealous:P
  12. Beautiful!:love: :biggrin:
  13. Very nice - my computer is playing tricks with the teal color - on my screen it looks very much like the cornflower; do you think they are similar in shade?
  14. It's really different from the cornflower color I just can't capture the real color of it.:love:

    But here's a pic of bertiebluebird (I got the teal from her - it captures the real color of the bag):

  15. gorgeous color - I love it.