My Sky Blue City is here!!!!!

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  1. ok ladies, here you go with my new sky blue city: :love: I am expecting my Teal city anytme soon, LOL


    La Van..wink yah!!!
  2. I love the sky blue! Beautiful color! The teal will be gorgeous, too!
  3. amourN20, congrats on your beautiful new sky blue city classique!:love: how were you able to score a teal city????
  4. Great color! Love that shade of blue! Congrats!
  5. So lovely for spring! Thanks for the pic.
  6. It's gorgeous...I am a blue fan. Can't wait to see your teal, yes, please tell, how and where did you score a teal? :nuts:
  7. Congrats; enjoy!
  8. It is beautiful; such a nice shade of blue. Congratulations!!!
  9. thanks ladies:love: the teal city is from bertiebluebird - I love this seller! ;) :love:
  10. oh please post pics of the teal as soon as you get it, Amour!!! you will have a lovely collection of blue balenciagas!
  11. Gorgeous, I can't wait to see the teal !
  12. Great color! I love blue B-bags :love: I can't wait to see photos of the turquoise city.
  13. YAYYYY! It's beautiful again, N!!! You're going to love it!!! :smile:
  14. Congrats N! The color is fab and the leather is to die for.
  15. Congrats!!! I just love that color!!! Thanks for posting pics for us to drool over!!!
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