My skin doesn't look as "fresh" when I wear eyeliner...

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  1. Weird statement, I know. But it's true! Without eye liner my skin just seems so radiant and fresh and then when I wear eye liner my skin looks a little "dirty" and not as fresh. While I could just go without ever wearing eye liner since I look okay without it, I look better with it. So any suggestions or maybe answers as to why this happens? Maybe it's just my own mind psyching me out LOL. :sweatdrop:
  2. depending on the eye liner this happens to me as well.. i like black eye liner but many of them have this affect on me...
  3. i don't have an answer but i agree.
  4. So I'm not the only one who feels this way!
    I want to look "sexy polished" and instead I look "sexy wanna-be porn star". It's frustrating LOL! Maybe it's because eye liner usually makes people look a little more sultry and sultry really isn't associated with fresh, bright skin.
  5. im really pale, i was told i have porcelain skin, so i think for me many colors are too dark for me, maybe? all the colors i love, i can't wear because its too dark and makes my face look dirty :sad:
  6. Maybe you could try a brown eyeliner and dark brown mascara and then put a dab of shimmer on your cheek bones and in the inner corners of your eyes. These are subtle changes but can really make a difference! Ive done this and im extremley pale. When I wear black eyeliner, I have to be very careful if i ever apply it on the bottom of my eyes because it can be a bit too much. i do get what you mean though! I think its all about going a little bit more gentle on the liner/mascara and concentrating more on giving your skin a glow with shimmers and blushes.
  7. could it possibly be the way you put your eyeliner or the type of eyeliner you are using?
  8. i know i cant line underneath, sometimes i either just line the corners or my upper eyelid... i think liquid eye liner if done correctly looks better on me then the pencil, when it comes to black eye liner..
  9. I can't line underneath either. It makes me look too "done." I just line the top and I use Bobbi Brown gel liner. It think it is wonderful :tup:
  10. I agree. For me eyeliner just makes me look harsh... unless I close my eyes 1/2 way which then, like you said, gives me this sultry look.... which is inappropriate in most circumstances lol....
  11. Thats a great tip! Im going to try that one out
  12. ^^ no worries, let me know how you go! Thats what I usually do for a 'day look' But when im going out at night, I bust out the black mascara and coloured shadows! hehe
  13. If you try the suggestions and still don't like it don't feel bad. Makeup is meant to enhance your beauty. If it makes you feel self conscious then that isn't enhancing. No matter what the product is meant to do .... if you feel uncomfortable with it then it isn't for you. Not every product is for every one.
  14. ^^ so true!

    i think its the color.. black liner is commonly a night look. i know when i wear black liner it looks like im going out rather than going to the grocery store. haha

    try smudging your eyeliner.. it gives it a softer look.
  15. agreed. Sometimes just mascara and eyeshadow work wonders