My sister's planning on adopting a baby Chi...

  1. ...but she's never had a Chi before. Since so many pfer's have Chi's, I figured this would be a great place to ask for advice!

    Is there anything she should be prepared for? She's read up on low blood sugar and the possibility of epilepsy but is there anything else?

    I'll be doing most of the training since I have more experience with any tips on potty training such a tiny doggie?

    TIA!! I'll post pics when we bring him home :flowers:

    ETA: We plan on paper training him on the balcony until he gets all his shots at 16 weeks.
  2. ...anyone? :biggrin:
  3. Congrats on the new pup that is on the way:yahoo:
  4. I am so sorry that I did not see your post earlier!! I have two chihuahuas that are my BABIES!!! I also used to work for a vet's office, so FEEL FREE to ask me any questions:smile:

    Is there anything specifically that you want to know?

    As far as pottytraining is concerned, my two Chis adapted to wee wee pads right away. They are 1 year old and 2 years old, and they both had the hang of it pretty quickly. Just make a big deal out of it when they use it...maybe a tiny piece of cheese,etc.

    Now that they are full grown, they also use their little dog door to go outside and potty. Now they just use the wee wee pads if it is late at night, or they are too lazy to make the trekk outside.

    Also, a great tip is to put them on the wee wee pad every hour or so, and when the pup gets up from a nap. They usually need to go ASAP!!

    And it is great that you are waiting until the pup has all of his shots before you expose him or her to potential germs. I think that that is the most CRUCIAL thing that pet owners do for new puppies. I saw so many pups come into the office b/c their owners took them into Petsmart or wherever and the puppy picked up diseases like Parvo and kennel cough:sad:
  5. ohh i love chi's. your sister will love hers to bits. i cant WAIT for the pics

    and the name, you must provide us with the lil babe's name!
  6. Thanks for the tips! We've been taking him out to The Place (hehe) every hour, but he's STILL managed to have 7 accidents so far! These little guys have tiiiiiiiiiiiiny bladders! He also went number 2 in my sister's hand as she was rushing him out to The Place :roflmfao:

    I was wondering if you had any tips on teaching him to not bite (the normal way I use involves taking it's muzzle and saying NO BITE..doesn't work with him it seems and yelping only makes him more excited:lol:) and teaching him how to sit (using food to go over his head, hence automatically sitting doesn't work because he doesn't SIT..just wanders off)

    The smallest breed I've ever trained is a toy poodle so it's quite different!
  7. Hmm...all good questions.

    The whole biting thing (with my two little ones, anyway) kinda just disappeared after they got done teething. My advice is to get those little soft toys that are made just for teething pups (I think that Petsmart has them). Also, they make little "Kong" toys for puppies that you can squirt this cool paste stuff in that keeps them occupied for HOURS!! :smile: Or at least enough time to chat for a bit on the Purse Forum!! LOL

    As far as the sitting is concerned, you can try and just wait until he sits on his own and say "Sit" and then give him a treat. He is not sitting on COMMAND yet, but he will get the hint that when he sits and you say "sit", it is a good thing and he gets a treat! After awhile, he SHOULD pick this up pretty quickly.

    A great tip that I learned when potty training my first chi (Carmen, who is in the pic in my avatar) is when you take her to the place to go to the bathroom, say "Go Potty!!" in a really sweet, high pitched voice (trust me, you will feel like an idiot!). Be consistant with saying this every time and pretty soon, the puppy will begin to understand that when you say "Go Potty" it is time to go to the bathroom. With puppies whose minds often wander, this can help them "focus" on the task at hand. You might have to repeat it over and over, but I promise you that it worked with Carmen. She is two now, and when I need her to try and potty before bedtime, all I have to do is take her into the grass and say 'go potty' and it is like a lightbulb goes on over her head and she is like "Oh yeah!! I have to go!! Thanks for reminding me, Mom!"

    LOL Chis are notorious for being hard to housetrain, but the biggest thing is consistency. It seems painstaking at first, but once they get the hang of it, it is great!!

    BTW--my little guys still have accidents occasionally...chis do have TINY bladder and it happens sometimes.

    Oh yeah-- I have to tell you that I am not a fan of crates. I know that they work GREAT for some, but I cannot stand putting my babies in one. So when Carmen was a baby, we got her a baby play pen!! It was GREAT!!! The top was open and it was roomy, but it still contained her safely when we were away:smile:

    Sorry to go on and on...if you have any other questions, please ask!! As you can tell, I love talking about chis:smile:

    Post pics of your pup ASAP :smile:
  8. Thanks so much CoutureGrl...Carmen looks really sweet in that pic!

    Right now, Elvis is so tiny...he's the exact same size of a beanie baby!! I'm so scared of squishing him, hehe.

    We are using a crate and it seems to work fine with him. He doesn't whine...just drinks his water, plays with his toy and goes to bed. *PHEW* I had thought about the playpen too, but only if the crate didn't work.

    I was an idiot and started a new thread right here

    In it, there are pics of Elvis and you can see how tiny he is! He's smaller than a toy breed nylabone! How muc do your chi's weigh? When do they stop growing? Oh, how often do you bathe them?

    Sorry for the questions but having such a tiny baby makes me nervous!
  9. OMG OMG he is sooooooooooo cute!! He looks so much like Carmen when she was a baby:smile:

    Bentley, my 1 year old black and tan male, weighs 9 pounds!!!!!!!! I know!!!!! He is huge! His mother was like 10 pounds, and his dad was like 3 pounds! We were hoping that he would take after his father, but he is a larger chi like his mom. Oh, well...he is not as fragile!!

    Carmen, on the other hand, is two years old and BARELY weighs 4 lbs. She was the runt of her litter. I actually got to hold her the first day she was born, and she was literally the size of my THUMB!!!!

    I totally know what you mean when you say that you are worried about squishing Elvis!! My guys stopped growing at probably 1 year or kinda just depends on the dog. There is a really cool chi weight chart floating around the internet. YOu see what your pup weighs now and it tells you apx. what they will weigh when they mature. Try googling 'chihuahua weight chart' shouldn't be too hard to find. Let me know if you have trouble locating it.

    As far as bathing is concerned, I do it probably every 2 weeks. In between, I use these puppy bath wipes (they are just like baby wipes) and just wipe down their fur to "freshen" them up:smile: The puppy formula is super gentle.

    Also, there is the BEST line of shampoos/conditioners called "Plush Puppy". They are from some company is Australia and are really expensive, but worth it! Where do u live? I bet a dog boutique around you sells is very popular among the dog show people.

    And on a side note, my FAV little dog websites are:

    Pampered Puppy: designer dog products and luxury dog services for the pampered pooch.


    G.W. Little - HomePage

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help you out with.

    PS--when u bathe Elvis, it helps to have 2 people: one to actually wash him and the other to make sure he does not hop out:smile:
  10. Those are my favourite sites also!! ^^ Maya has an angel wings harness, but she's getting a brand new one from G.W. Little soon. So adorable.
  11. CoutureGrl: wow...those sites are awesome! thanks for recommending them! Carmen sounds so tiny...Does Bentley ever push her around? Or is she like most chi's...she thinks she's a rotti? hehe! It's so funny watching Elvis chase Dookie around. :biggrin:

    Danica: LOL! Angel wings? awww~ Sometimes I wish Elvis was a boy..girls look waaaay cuter in those kinda outfits!
  12. Danica-- CUTE!!! My female chi has one, too:smile: I love it!!

    Toilet Duck-- actually, Carmen bosses Bentley around!! She is sooooo mean to him!! :sad: She totally treats him like her annoying little brother LOL
  13. wow couturegirl..carmen is beautiful! I love the name too! I wanted to get a playpen for my chibaby...maybe I'll get one soon..i love them!
  14. Thanks, PrincessMe--love your name BTW :smile:

    The playpens are awesome...I think that they even make dog-specific ones now! :smile:
  15. Thanks CoutureGrl:yes:

    I saw the playpens for pups but they weren't that cute..A real baby playpen like you have would be so adorable!!