My sister's first LV, and it's little companion

  1. Its 12am here in Malaysia, and my sister (who is an active pf'er, mya) called my cell and told me to come to her room for a surprise. And when i got to her room, this baby greet me:


    Its a 35 Mono Speedy with a Panda Cles. She got it in Singapore yesterday, without my approval!! I've been like a fashion consultant to her :shame: but this one is an exception. You can never go wrong with a Mono Speedy. And the Panda Cles is actually the last piece in LV Singapore :yahoo:
  2. Oh, a Speedy 35! Congrats to your sister :nuts:
    I'd love to see pics of the bag being carried :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  3. the Panda cles is cute! :love:
    i'm Malaysian too, by the way :rochard:. i'm from Subang Jaya, but i'm currently studying in Buffalo, New York :yes:
  4. Hello my Malaysian fren :nuts: Me from JB (Johor)

    GerGirl, i try to take a picture of her holding it tomorrow. Its midnight here, no time to pose yet :P
  5. panda and speedy
  6. Thank you madewla :nuts:
    I'm beginning to think that the 30 is too small *lol* and the 35 is the better choice.
  7. Cute choices!

  8. Same here..:tender:
  9. Wow, I love the combo!
  10. That is awesome!
  11. I LOVE that look! :love:
    I have my Panda on my Mono Speedy 30 but I added it where the lock usually hangs. It's such a *cute* touch!! :yes:
  12. Aww.. they're too cute together !
  13. Sooooo cute:graucho: :heart: the speedy and the panda. Congrats to your little sis:yahoo:
  14. I :heart: your sister's bag cles combo! I just ordered my panda cles from 866-Vuitton! :yahoo:
  15. Sweet bag!! The Panda Cles looks so cute on that bag too! :smile: