My sister went to the flea market and.....

  1. she said there were FAKE Carly's in booths everywhere!!!! Ranging in price from $30-$75. She shot a few of them on her phone.....and I have to say theses folks are getting more and more accurate to the little detailing. On everyone she showed me...the C's were all lined up, mirrored each other and on both sides on the bag. They all looked like large Carly replicas and had the right # of C's on the front..some even had leather (pleather) hangtags....and the inside was a solid color, not the silky C lining some of you speak of. Her pics showed Khaki with all trim colors, black Carly's, Brown Carly's and the slim Carly in black and silver, and tons of the little denim pouchette bag. I tell you they are getting better and better with the fakes...I was shocked at how close. I detest replicas but these were the best 'fakes' I have seen and this was only the pics. And she said LINES & LINES of folks waitinng to but these Carly SAD!!!! She said one lady had a real Carly in leather and she said she was getting 4 of the fabric Carly's as she took one of the fakes to a Dillards and the SA almost gave her a full $398 refund for the fake...she of course told her it was fake but that is how close she said they are.... I bet Coach execs just hate this.
  2. Thats so sad :sad: i dont like paying so much for a coach and then the fakes looking so much like them :sad: i HATE fakes!!! ugh
  3. AHHH this gets me so mad... What the hell is wrong with people??????????????
  4. omg, i've seen so many carlys that look real from afar until you get reallyyy close up and see the turnlocks or zippers or straps or other little thing.
    it seems especially to be the case with carlys though.
  5. That's so horrible. :sad:
  6. That is just terrible. The fact that fakes are getting so good is scary.

    I think the lady who tried to return at Dillard's is exaggerating. Dillard's uses a proof of purchase label that has all your purchase information in it. So I don't see how you could take a bag in that with out receipts, without tags, or with out that label on it and try and get store credit.
  7. I don't know. This is scary because the proof of purchase is usually put on the price tag on the bag and a person could easily switch the tags to the fake Carly and many SAs at brick/mortar stores like Dillards and Macys that sell Coach could easily be duped into not knowing the difference between a fake Carly and an authentic one. And then some unsuspecting customer buys the "returned" Carly and takes home a fake....
  8. That is true......I usually know way more than the SA's at Dillards and heck, even the outlets.....and this lady who did this is a straight up person and would never actually allow the transaction to take place....just was amazed and the closeness to the real thing.....Scary!!
  9. so........did your sister do the right thing and turn them in considering Im sure she new it was illegal?
  10. Yea, I thought it was totally illegal to sell these Fakes? They need to be thrown in jail for this!
  11. It amazes me. They must use slave labor to be able to get the bag so detailed and then charge like 20 bucks each ! So sad !
  12. I know what you mean-one of the ladies that I go to quilting classes with had a fake carley, its like duh.
  13. That's terrible, I hope someone reported them. I also hope no one is returning fake bags to the stores.
  14. Hi

    I am new to the Forum but I recently saw a fake swingpack that had been returned to a local Nordstrom's near me. I tried to tell the SA but she looked at me like I was crazy! And it was not even a very good fake!!
  15. That's so terrible... I feel bad for the people who buy the fakes, but at 30 dollars, shouldn't they realize that there's something fishy going on?