My sister was wearing a fake bag today.

  1. My sister was wearing a fake designer bag today, I wont say the designer, but a Very popular one.
    She asked me what I thought and I said is it a fake even though I knew instantly. She said yes how could I tell?
    And I pointed out how the pockets were wrong, the strap was wrong,the colors of the straps were wrong.
    Then I touched it and it was an obvious fake.

    My question is, should I have just lied and acted like I thought it was real, or should I have told her the truth that I could tell instantly that it was a fake?
    I dont know if I hurt her feelings or not, she didnt say anything more about it afterwards, but now I feel kind of :sad:
  2. Thats a toughie but I would definitely tell her that it was a fake, especially in case she didn't know!
  3. I would have told her the truth as well.
  4. I agree with Chelsae and Shopaholic...I would've told her the truth too as you did.
  5. Truth is always best~ It's not good to lie, especially to your sister... and, because of the fact that she seemed to have known that it was a fake, I bet she's okay~
  6. I think you did the right thing. It's probably good that you phrased "is it fake?" as a question as opposed to saying, "well, it's totally fake." She probably thought it was a good knockoff so when you instructed her why it was fake, she probably was bummed. But at least you gave her the truth, so she wouldn't walk around thinking no one could tell the difference!
  7. Be glad you told her the truth so she doesn't try to play it off to someone that her bag is real and feel REAL embarassment!!
  8. ITA!:yes:
  9. sounds like you handled it well.
  10. It was good that you told the truth. That is what sister's are for. :smile:
  11. It's probably better to hear it from you than from some random, rude person on the street. Besides, she might have bought it thinking it was the real deal. If she got ripped off, she can now try to get her money back.
  12. What you did was a lot better. Rather than hearing that from someone else she's not even close to. Right?
  13. You did the right thing.
  14. it was the right thing to do. A similar thing happend to me, when a good friend asked me whether I thought her LV mini pouchette was real. I wasn't as designer savvy then, but I could still identify some signs of fakeness on that bag. I sort of waffled in my answer and I think i said I don't know. Well, she told me it was a fake, but I think by saying I don't know, I may have given her the impression that she could carry the bag and pass it off as the real thing. I wish I had said, "um, I think it's fake?"