My sister ruined my chanel....


Feb 13, 2010
I had bought a lambskin WOC last year and never used it, because I was saving it for a special occasion. When I was away for school, my sister borrowed my bag without asking me.. to go clubbing! I checked on my bag and I see some dents in the bag at the back and the puffs at the front are not as.. puffy.

I don't know what to do. My sister always lets me borrow her stuff but I have never borrowed anything as expensive as a Chanel, nor have I ruined any of her things. I couldn't think of asking her to pay for the bag, seems a little out of line?

I am just so sad that I couldn't be the first to use my bag, and now it's not even in perfect condition anymore.


Oct 31, 2009
sorry to hear that, but she is your sister.. :sweatdrop:do you want to post a picture to let other girls comments on it? :flowers::flowers:

Miss Luana

Just go for it
Dec 28, 2007
Poor you. I know how you feel, it happened to me with a brand new CL pumps, I let my friend borrow it for the night, next morning I look at the heel and there's a huge dent. I never confronted her about it and still regret to this day havent done so.

My advice, talk to your sister and let her know how you feel about it. Calmly let her know that she cant do this anymore. Dont be afraid to start your sentences with ''I'' that way she cant argue. Let HER suggest something rather than ask for anything.

Keep us posted.


Feb 26, 2008
I would confront my sis and request that she ask for my permission on if she wants to borrow any of my things and to take extra super duper special care of very expensive items.

I know the feeling, my sis decided to use one of my nice blouses and ironed it. When I wanted to use it, there was a huge burnt iron mark on the front of it. :rant:


its jes my opinion..
Apr 30, 2008
hey you can ask her to purchase it back from you since she did borrow the bag(was interested in it anyway). Who knows she would probably think it was her responsibility on not taking good care of it and will take it off your hands. Than you can make a new purchase:smile:


Jul 13, 2010
Melbourne Australia
Id probably offer it to her for a fair price, and go buy a fresh new one for myself =]
but really, she should just buy you a new one... but thats prob not going to happen!
good luck to you i hope you sort it out
Nov 24, 2010
I am sorry to hear that happened darling. Coming from someone whose sister borrows all her stuff (and whose sister has ruined a few things), you have the right to be mad. Confronting her would probably be best. Lay down some ground rules on expensive items each of you own.


Apr 9, 2010
I know this is easier said than done... I probably will get mad myself. But I wouldnt make my sister feel bad about it. Your upset feelings will go away but the friction between you and your sister caused by the situation may not heal as fast. In the end... whats more important to you? Your relationship with your sis or your purse? Id probably say something like... "hey I dont mind you borrowing my things... but next time I expect you to take care of it just like you would if it was yours" ... in a very calm and loving manner. Knowing I cant do this while I am still upset.. I would wait a few days when the feelings subside.


May 29, 2006
I would just say, "Hey, look at what happened to the bag. Please be more careful next time and always ask me before you take anything. I haven't even used the bag yet and now it's got issues."

I wouldn't tell her to buy me a new one unless the bag is extremely damaged or cannot be used. This request would also depend on her financial situation too - she's family after all. I wouldn't think to go "after" my sister for some sort of pay back as something like this seems unintentional but just careless. I would make her feel reeeealllly SISTERLY guilty though!

As for this time, be firm and let her know the damaged she has caused. Hopefully, she'll learn her lesson and maybe do something nice to make it up to you!


Apr 6, 2008
she's your sister so she should understand why you're justified in being upset and you should make sure she knows thats its NOT ok for her to borrow you brand new chanel without asking her. my sister borrows my stuff all the time, but she knows that she has to always ask when it comes to my expensive stuff. i think she should know how expensive the bag is, so that she does'nt do it again. this kind of stuff happens all the time and am sure your sis will understand and be more thoughtful next time, maybe she did'nt realise how expensive it was...
Nov 16, 2009
It's regrettable that this happened... I think you should let your sister know how you feel, but IMHO... when it comes down to it, the bond between sister is priceless... I would never ask my sister to pay to replace a bag that became dented a bit... ANGRY I would be... but I'd have to get over it. If she lit it on fire and ripped it... that would be a different story. She wouldn't be the best sister if she didn't offer to replace your bag in the latter situation.


Feb 13, 2010
Hey girls,
Thanks for your tips. Yeah I confronted her and I don't think she can really remedy the situation too much with her current financial situation. As mentioned, she is family so I shouldn't damage our relationship over a bag, I can always just sell it (probably not to her) but to others and still salvage a good price since Chanel is always increasing their prices! In fact I realized I don't really need a WOC, if my sister had done that with my large flap, I would definitely have demanded some money or something!

All in all, I'm expecting a huge xmas gift this year and then maybe I'll let this little mishap slip :smile:


Apr 5, 2008
That stinks. I'm sorry :sad: I don't have sisters, only a cousin I'm really close to - but I would still wring her neck if she took my Chanels without asking!