1. Hey Guys !

    I Had Family Visiting & I Been Out Of The Loop.

    My Sil Loved My Ali (whiskey ),i Gave It To Her & I Luckily Found Another One To Replace It For Myself.

    I Just Would Like To Know Your Opinion On -what Is It About The Ali In The Color Whiskey That Makes It So Appealing To Most Women ?

    Missing You All,
    Cha Cha
  2. Wow! What a wonderful girl you are. You can be my SIL anytime!! The ali is next on my list. Im thinking of the white one for myself but yes, the whiskey is TDF!
  3. It has that "je n'est quoi" quality!!! The picture that first made me fall for this bag is your avatar picture. I still see it in this photo and I drool. Gorgeous bag. Quiet possibly Coach's best design ever.

    And how nice are you?! GIVING such an expensive bag to your SIL, and it being one that you love so much yourself!
  4. That was so sweet of you Cha Cha! My friend described the legacy shoulder and ali in whiskey as a bag that reminded her of a bag that her uncle's cool gf carried back in the 70s. Kind of retro but somewhat modernized. I think these bags will be admired for years to come.
  5. Wow! That was incredibly nice of you!

    I'm not sure what makes it so appealing but I am a freak anyway. I don't really want anything in the Whiskey color, lol. I much prefer black or a darker brown or the gorgeous pond.
  6. Wow, that's an awfully nice non birthday or holiday gift. *L* Very nice of you.

    As for what appealed to me about the bag, it was it's simple shape, and gorgeous color. The color looks incredibly vintage to me. I also loved that it was large enough to carry what I need with no problem, since I'm a big bag lover. I think the bag will be pretty timeless too, because of it's simple hardware and design.
  7. Wow Cha-Cha you are some great sister in-law. I love my Ali. The simple yet timeless design will look good for years to come. I love that flap because when you lift it to open the bag you see that beautiful striped signature lining. I own the Ali in Whiskey and white. I may get one in black as well. After my Ergo the Ali could just be my second all time favorite Coach Bag ever made!
  8. holy cow cha cha, will you be my SIL!?!?! you are so sweet.

    I think the whiskey is just soo classy and goes well with everything and just looks better each day you have it.
  9. That was so sweet of you to give it to her.
    Im glad you were able to find another one for your self.
  10. I totally agree with you. I know everyone loves the whiskey, but it's just not for me, I like black or the super dark brown
  11. Wow, you are good people. I'm not sure I could ever give a fave away. Karma is coming your way!
  12. thats so sweet of you!
  13. i agree the ali does have a "je ne sais quoi" factor leading to its appeal. and the whiskey! --> c'est superbe ;)
  14. It is so beautiful !when the turnlock on my first black ali broke, I practically call every store here to find out when the next shipment comes in. I actually called them up every week and now I already have another one... yeah!!:yahoo:
  15. thanks for all the feedback !

    does any one know what "je n'est quoi" is ?

    lalabelle7 called the ali whiskey "je n'est quoi" & i'm just curios to find out what it means. lol

    cha cha