My Sister In Law insulted my new bag!

  1. I went to my MIL's house over the weekend and my SIL took one look at my new red patent ergo and went "EWW why did you buy that fugly purse! It looks like an old lady purse!"

    I was so pissed! :cursing: I love my bag!

    She is 21 years old and obiviously has no taste right?
  2. Sounds like SIL needs to learn when to keep her trap shut.
  3. Oh geez, how rude! "If you don't have anything nice to say......."
    It does NOT look like an old lady purse!!
  4. jealous jealous jealous

    some people need to get a life and be happy with what they have instead of worrying about what everyone else has

    I'm sorry that happened to you, dont let it get you down, that bag is awesome!
  5. That' was pretty rude of her to say to you!! She obviosly has no taste!!! It's a lovely bag!! :smile:
  6. I love that bag and have been drooling over the pics. Is SIL young, immature or just rude?
  7. Amen to that.

    Don't let her comment get to you. The bag is beautiful and I'm sure it's even more beautiful on you.
  8. Old lady bag??!!! :blah: She's so jealous of your great taste! Don't let her get you down!
  9. Patent is really "in" right now and seems like it will be for Fall too - you are just too cutting edge for her!!!
  10. HAHA, oh geez....I would of smacked her. well, if it was my sil I would of..haha.
    don't listen to her, that bag is gorgeous.
  11. I hope that when I am an old lady, I will be carrying a HOT BAG like the red patent Ergo. What a sad jealous crank she is!! Pity the wench!!
  12. Man, if I ever saw an old lady sportin' that bag, I'd think she was the hippest grandma ever!

    Don't let it get to you. Enjoy it b/c it's a smokin hot bag!
  13. "Crank".....:roflmfao: Love it!
  14. Don't let your SIL get ya down! The bag is gorgeous! She is apparently young and hasn't learned all her manners yet LOL. So just ignore her!
  15. Very COOL old lady!