My sister has a tokidoki bag...


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Dec 3, 2007
...and I need her to take pictures of it. She got it in Europe (Klon Germany, to be exact) about 4 years ago, I think before lesportsac and tokidoki even started collaborating: before tokidoki became popular in the states.

It's not a lesportsac: it's just a shoulder bag made by It's a genuine tokidoki and is awesome: plus, she only paid $35.00 retail for it at the time. There is a tag inside that says it was made in Holland. There are no quees because I dont think they even thought of them at the time...instead, there are two rubber "keychain" figures. They're flat images made of rubber.

I know that most of you are collectors on here of tokidokis (I'm in the process of getting one myself) so I was curious as to how you would react to a true original tokidoki bag. I can't find anything that even resembles hers on ebay or anywhere else.
GOOD GOD I WISH I HAD PICTURES!!! I'll try to get her to take some very soon, probably later today.