My sis-in-law just asked if I was carrying a diaper bag....

  1. Hi there,
    I have two cambon reporters, the black and beige. I absolutelyLOVE the cambon line. I think it fits my very relaxed, sort of casual cool lifestyle. I also think this tote in particular looks just so unique.

    Truth be told, I have never carried the beige one and have only carried the black one a couple of times. I guess I don't carry this too much because it is quite big and structured. (It actually I feels bigger than the coco to me because of the structured nature--it's not slouchy like that one).

    Any way, I carried the black one over the weekend and my sis-in-law asked me why I was carrying a diaper bag!!:wtf:

    What do you all think? Does it remind you of a diaper bag?

    Also, I have been taking down the ark and am really toying with selling one of these and one of my big totes but can't seem to do it!! Is that a clear sign that I should keep these for a while longer?

    Oh why oh why can't I have Swanky's restraint?

    Sorry for the rambling random thoughts...:shame:
  2. hmm, I don't see the reporter resembling a diaper bag at all!!!

    If you have major reservations about selling, to me that's a clear sign that you aren't ready yet, don't do it (unless you need the funds for financial reasons or otherwise of course!).

    Just my two cents!
  3. I don't see the Cambon Reporter as a diaper bag at all. But, if you do have 2 reporters, I say go ahead and sell one!:flowers:
  4. Thanks Twinklette! The only reason I sell is to buy more!! I think I will keep and try to control myself from purchasing more bags this fall. I just love some of the new styles!
  5. I guess that is what a sane, self-controlled woman would do....Why is that so hard for me... I am going to take that I have no self-control vs that I am insane!:upsidedown:
  6. I've seen it used for a diaper bag, so I'm no help. But it doesnt strike me as one, but it is a very stylish alternative. I would sell the beige personally. Theres so many bags for you to get! Don't let this one hold you back!
  7. Thanks aarti....I see your point. Oh, I don't know....

    Swanky--talk some sense into me, girl!!
  8. lol - No way!!
  9. I think the reporter is HAWT!!!! i always wanted one.. but in brown with brown patent CCs......

    even if it DOES look a little like a diaper bag (mainly because it's soft and quilty)..... it's a SUPER HOT diaper bag. it's MADONNA HOT!
  10. I love the reporter! I think people usually think that it's diaper bag because it has so many pockets and its size. It's true some people have used it as a diaper bag but it doesn't take away how stunning this bag is IRL. If you love it then keep them both!
  11. Hmm..well I thought several PF'ers are using the reporter as diaper bags because of its size and numerous pockets for easy grab and go...
    But I think the bag on its own is a bag - its not a diaper bag! Your in-law is probably jealous because your diaper looking bag is so pretty looking :P
  12. I dont think it looks like a diaper bag at all... I really love the look of the reporter. I think that if you love then thats all that matters.

    BTW if you did sell it... what would you buy instead?? :graucho:
  13. I, too, don't see the resemblance to any diaper bag that I've ever seen. It's a fabulous bag--enjoy it!!!
  14. Someone at my work said that too Mac, because the quilting and pockets reminded her of a diaper bag. Even so, I love my big, overpriced diaper bag, and I don't even have children!
  15. OMG - too funny! I was telling DH the other day that if the Cambon reporter is still around when we have kids, that I think it would make a great diaper bag! I think it's totally stylish, but to me it does look kinda like a diaper bag. The pockets and large size make it really handy for wipes, bottles, etc...

    Although I'd be a bit paranoid about things leaking in the pretty Chanel!
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