My singapore haul

  1. Dear Girls and guys.....just when I thought my BH was gonna hit the roof, he ok'd a few purchases for my last two visits to the lion city.

    A fellow tPFer helped me choose the wallet.....

    Here they are:

    Valparaiso TGM Black

    Grillage bracelet in marron fonce w/ pall. HW

    Twilly(forgot the name:push:smile:

    Belt with orange togo and marron fonce charmonix(sp)

    Azap Long in Mysore Etoupe

    Scarf Ring turned pendant with the help of an H leather strap

    Mambo Choker
    Image025.gif Image026.gif Image02a.gif Image02g.gif Image027.gif
  2. the rest....
    Image028.gif Image029.gif
  3. Great loot Eric! Congrats on your beautiful purchases!
  4. Sorry for the pathetic pix....taken with my phone while BH was in the loo....if he knew I was photographing my stuff let alone posting it on a forum, he'd think I was insane! Ouch!
  5. Ah, Eric!!!

    You've got the "Lucky" belt - It's one of my favourite buckles ever!!!
    The design is very unique.

    Congrats on the whole lot!
    What's your guess on the Valparaiso TGM as a travel bag alternative?... I thought it was
    tempting, because it's incredibly light-weight, but on the other hand it doesn't close securely really...
    I am kinda seesaw ;).
  6. Great haul Eric!! So you were in SG! Hope u had fun while you were here!
  7. I love your "NEW" H Haul. Great accesories...understated elegance!

    I love your Etoupe Azap Long.

  8. now that's what i call a H haul - MAJOR!
  9. Awwwww glad to hear the BF is coming along! He obviously knows what makes you happy, it's nice that he's being supportive! :heart:

    Oh and FAB haul... I know you're on cloud nine!
  10. WOW! Eric! You certainly did a lot of shopping! :graucho::yahoo:
  11. Holy moly, Eric! You are an excellent shopper - congrats on everything!
  12. wow! everybody's having a grand haul!:nuts:

    congrats eric...i luv luv everything!:tup::yes:
  13. Eric, congratulations!!!! I cannot open the pictures, but I am happy for you!!
    We missed you!
  14. Was at the H in Liat Tower today.....and saw a gorgeous grey shirt with leather accents replacing the cuff-button. But saw the price.... 950 Singapore dollars! For a shirt. still my trembling heart. LOL. Saw a gorgeous pair of pants as well.....sigh.

    MrsS... I tried to call you today! Hmmph...unsuccessful. We'll see what the H-fairy has in store for this giant fairy tomorrow....

    And thanks angel, but no...the bf was not quite as supportive as you'd think. It required quite a bit of cajoling and pleading. He ok'd the purchases over the phone before I whipped out the card. Nothing quite as romantic and picking all the stuff yoou want, and having the man do the dirty work of paying the bills. best friend says, "men are for two things...Cash and Carry(the luggage!).
  15. Valparaiso:

    PROS: Super-light. Super spacious and stylish. Totally under the radar and identifiable only by H-fans and of course, tPFers. Has an interior pocket that is huge. And straps with catches. One for a small detachable pouch. And one that has been left for your own imagination.

    CONS: The bag is cotton toile...not canvas. Floppy, no structure unless full(which will make it weigh a ton). No feet at the bottom. Flap makes it a chore to open and close. Leather on the flap scratches but it can be polished out.

    What with the number of cons, you can guess that yes, it was an impulse buy!