My Silverado Is Here but I have a Question...

  1. I was able to snatch a Chamois Silverado hobo from the sale section of the BG website. (Probably one of the bags that a fellow PF'er returned!) She arrived today, and I love her,:love: but I have a question. The dustbag she arrived in is not a Chloe. It's a generic plain white bag, kind of rough, not really a fabric at all. I understand she was a sale bag, but shouldn't she have come with a traditional dust bag? I want to contact BG about it, but maybe this is standard for sale bags? Can anyone help me? Many thanks!!
  2. lily6311,
    I don't think it's standard, so you better contact to BG. there won't be any pain but the truth, right? :yes:
  3. Thanks for the reply, Kay. I did call BG and contrary to my previous encounters with their customer service department, this one was very positive. The rep has requested a replacement Chloe bag be sent to me and now everything about my Silverado is perfect!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. Great news!! I have also found BG unwilling to be customer service oriented, so that is wonderful.

    Enjoy that chamois bag!!! I returned one that I bought for my Mom cause the color was her, but I loved it, very rich and will go with lots of stuff.
  5. Can you post a pic please? :yes:
  6. Pic's please :smile:
  7. yes pics please ^^ and congrats ;)
  8. Thanks everyone for the congrats on my new bag. I'm sorry to say that my digital camera is on the fritz right now (husband is trying to fix) so I can't post pics at present.

    Am wondering now though, if I will keep the bag??? As mentioned earlier the dust bag was not Chloe and though BG is Fed Ex'ing a replacement one, I'm beginning to wonder if this is an authentic purse?? I've been reading on the forum how some folks have experienced a fake from a major retailer and it's got me thinking..... I mean, if the BG return people didn't know enough to question where the designer duster was, how would they know if the purse was real or a good fake? Even I don't know.:s

    So, the saga continues. If anyone has any insights they'd care to share, I'd love to hear them......
  9. i have that bag in chocolate, please let me know if i can help you try to authenticate it in any way...
  10. Thanks NYC Mom for offering to help. That's very nice of you. Until I can take pictures, I think I'm pretty much hamstrung. I'll have the husband work on the camera again today and try and post pictures. Is there something in particular that you'd like to see that would help you in helpign me???

    Thanks again.
  11. unfortunately i'm not an expert so i'm not sure exactly but at least we can compare them to see if there are any major differences...