my silver spy is loosing its softness on the sides - help!

  1. anyone know how to keep moisture in spies? mine is a silver bimetal one. i dare not apply just any ol' product for fear of effecting the colouring.

    i can feel that the sides are harder / rougher compared to its bottom and inside seams.... :sad:

  2. I don't have one so I wouldn't know. Perhaps you could ask an SA at Fendi?
  3. I use Coach leather moisturizer on my spy. I don't do it often, maybe once every six month. I apply small amount of the cream on a soft cloth and rub gently on the leather. I hope this helps.
  4. thanks for the posts. sweetea, i think there are many kinds of coach moisturisers? i can't remember. but if there are, which do you use? do they have different ones for different kinds of leather? do you know if they are available outside of the US?

    any idea if this will work for metallic leather spies? i heard the leather in spy varies slightly from year to year. i am not sure which year the silver (with gold wash) leather spy came out in.

    i heard a few things about applegarde and lovinmybags but not sure if they are suitable for the spies. any idea? i am just thinking of alternatives if coach moisturizer is not available here.

  5. another question: is leather moisturizer the same as leather conditioner? sorry for this basic question. in a case like this, where the leather has become a bit dry (a bit rougher and stiffer than before), which do i use?
  6. if LMB moisturizer: "ultimate moisturizer" or "feel soft moisturizer"?
  7. I am not a pro on this subject, and I don't use LMB, but I recommend just the lightest moisturizer applied sparingly on the tips of your fingers, don't over do moisturizer on a spy. The 2007 bags I find are particularly dry in areas, and I used Apple Leather care, very light application, just enough to refresh the leather. :smile:
  8. I use Apple also on my Spys - I also have a metallic Cole Haan which I also conditioned and no changes whatsoever in the leather. Try a small patch first and see how it goes before doing the whole bag.
  9. Addy and BL, can you share which light moisturizer you use and which apple leather care / conditioner / moisturizer you use? I am trying to see where to buy them. Is it actually called "Apple Leather Care"? Thanks!
  10. if anyone else can chime in about how to care for drying spy leather especially 2007 leather in the metallic / bimetal range, i would appreciate your input.

    now that i look closer, my silver spy is beginning to "wrinkle" also around the top, front and back. the only soft spots left are around the bottom... although i can't really see it bu just looking at it, if i put the bag in a certain way against a light source, i can see how the texture of the surface is beginning to change on the drying parts.

    i did a "lip test", i run my lips all over it...! to figure out which part have started drying because my finger tips are not sensitive enough to detect the currently still mild difference...
  11. I guess I didn't realize about your spy is being silver metalic. I use the Coach leather moisturizer on my dark brown. I don't have metalic one so I don't know if this will have different effect on the metalic. But it works on my dark brown.

    I am sure you can find this leather moisturizer in any Coach butique in US. This moisturizer comes in the plastic bottle and it looks like moisturizer lotion..white creamy color. I hope this helps.
  12. hi BL, thanks for that. no, i am not licking it, yet :greengrin: so which exact appleguarde product do you use?

    sweatea, i am not in the US...

    i am also waiting to hear back from to see what product is best to use on a soft nappa metalic leather.

  13. Yup, Apple Leather Care

    Works like a charm! I use it on ALL my bags - Fendi, LV, Balenciaga, Gucci, Cole Haan, Burberry, Chloe, etc...
  14. BP - the product is the one on the link, it is actually called:


    that is the name they gave their mild/light leather conditioner & the only one I know of that they sell. They also have a lether cleaner & a rainguard type sealer.