MY SILVER SPY ARRIVED FROM JOMASHOP!!! similar to linen metallic coffer??

  1. hi everyone! i am not a regular in the fendi sub-forum but have lurked around to see your spies for ages! and finally bought one from jomashop!

    this is my FIST SPY EVER!!! i had fallen in love with the dark brown spy with multicoloured sequins when i saw one on sarah jessica parker about 2-3 years ago (when they first came out). but could not afford it then! (just graduated from grad school and an expensive 2 years of fun in NYC!!!). i had refused to look at any other spies since. until the SILVER....(well, light gold really, with silver base leather)

    can i ask for some of your opinions? i also have the linen coffer with metallic lining (light gold). and i always thought that coffer and spy look rather alike, or, the same sort of type of shape etc.

    do you think having them both is a bit much? do they look a bit too much like each other? should i let one go?
  2. hun, we NEED to see pics!
  3. ah of course....
    will do will do.
    rushing out now. also camera still charging.
    should i put them side by side...?
  4. sure, seperatley adn then next to each other!

    but i must tell you that we are a bit biased in the Fendi area!!!! lol
  5. will do will do :smile: i like them both! but am feeling a bit guilty about being so indulgent in buying both! i do not normally buy bags that are too similar in "feel" as i found most people do not realize that they are two different bags even though they are obvious to us who are a bit more obsessive about them than others around us :smile:
  6. Of course they are 2 different bags! I can't remember exactly what the silver coffer looks like but I can definately tell they are two different bags, and so can you which is what counts. I would keep both, I wouldn't mind having a spy and coffer the same color:tup: Congrats on finally getting it! Waiting for pics....
  7. thanks you guys for responding so quickly! i posted similar question at the prada/miumiu subforum and am yet to hear from anyone there.

    i love them both indeed!

    digicam battery still charging....

    at the mean time, there's some pic of the linen w metallic trimmings at the prada/miumiu subforum somewhere. and, let me see, is there one of the silver spy somewhere here....
  8. ^^ yep they're both beautiful in their own way, NOT a bit much:nogood: Congrats again on the purchases!
  9. Congrats bagpunk!! I love the miu miu coffer, but both are unique and have different looks! So I would keep both! :yes:
  10. Hmmmm...... Take a look at this while I ponder your good question:rolleyes:

  11. hee hee, oh i seeeeeeeeeeeeee lol that is so sexy...its like ice cream on a hot day!

    well bagpunk there is your answer...KEEP BOTH!!!!

  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I love IT!
  13. WOWZA!!! Deco, it doesn't get much better than that!! :love: