My Silver Reissue is here: pics

  1. I've been first on the waiting list for the dark silver (argent) reissue 226 since October when I first fell in love with Chanel and have managed to purchase four others while waiting! She's finally here and I LOOOVE her! I'm a fan of the Ultimate Soft which isn't that popular but I love the way it feels and it's super comfy. Its a great alternative to the cabas for me since I don't care for the charm on them.
    jan 2008 005.jpg jan 2008 006.jpg
  2. Lovely handbag, you must be delighted. It fits in so well with the others, too!
  3. it's perfect!
  4. [​IMG]


    How pretty! Oh dear, I cannot seem to tell much difference between my 225 and your 226 (altho of cos, i am sure yours is more expensive than mine):p.
  5. that's so pretty! i love it!
  6. I wasn't sure at first either if it was a 225 or 226 because it measures 11" long but about 7" up and down and not 8" but I guess it could vary depending on how the flap is. It was $2695. Am I right that its a 226? I love the size since its perfect for evenings out. Here are a couple of quick modeling pics. I'm 5'6" and 135. I hate the camera, is it just me or does everyone feel like they look 10 lbs more
    jan 2008 007.jpg jan 2008 011.jpg
  7. Hey! Nice modeling pics. If you do look 10 lbs more here then it can only mean you are very slim in real life =)
  8. Thanks. I'm 36 and still think I'm 29 and 135 lbs. but still think I'm 115. Its always a shock when I look at pictures LOL.

    Here is a side by side comparison of my Jumbo and the Reissue.
  9. oops pics
    jan 2008 012.jpg jan 2008 014.jpg
  10. Oh my, it's so drool worthy!!! :drool::drool::drool:Great modelling pics.

    Congrats, Ursula22!
  11. Come come sister (since we both have the same reissue but mine is a 255), let moi enlarge the pics for you :tup:



    Going a bit OT - Nada, u have tried the fish spa thingy? =)
  12. Quote: Going a bit OT - Nada, u have tried the fish spa thingy? =)

    No, I've not but it's definitely on my list of things to do!!! Have u dear?
  13. Nope. Okies, let's do by PM, shall we.....haha...:p

    Sister - sorry:sad: to go OT like this, hope you don't mind, but we going onto PM for this. Thanks for being the link. And continue enjoying your bag. I do see a diff now, yours IS bigger than mine, now u place it side by side a jumbo. :p Tks:p
  14. great collection, congrats!!
  15. I love your reissue :love:and your collection is beautiful!Congrats!
    and btw you look great with it!:yes: