My Silver Box has ARRIVED!

  1. Well, here is what all the fuss was about last week! Tell me what ya'll think. Here are some pics and please don't pay attention to my outfit (I'm off today)!

  2. :yahoo:
    It's gorgeous!!! Congratulations my Metallic Box Sista! It's a real beauty!!!
    I know it is hard to pick one, but in looking at the list of your awesome collection, what is your favorite style? The Box is my favorite, and the perfect size for my needs, but alas it has been discontinued! What do you think of the Day?
  3. WOW it is gorgeous! You are one lucky lady!
  4. it rocks!:nuts:
  5. It's ugly. Can I have it? :graucho:
  6. Gorgeous! Love the box and the metallic makes it so special! Congratulations!
  7. wow! you don't get to see those too often!
  8. Oh it is a beauty! I love the Box style and I love the metallics! Congrats!! :yahoo:
  9. It is so CUTE! That will be so great for going out, I'm jealous!
  10. It is perfect and gorgeous. :drool:Congrats again.:yahoo:
  11. OMG, I love it SOOOOOOOOOO much!!!! :yahoo:
  12. OMG!!!! The leather is TDF!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous! :yahoo:
  13. Thanks everyone! I don't know what it is but I'm not as excited as I thought I would be.:confused1: I have never owned a metallic bag so I'm not sure if that's why and I'll just have to get use to it or what. Maybe I'll like it better in a few days. It's beautiful and I LOVE the Box style but I'm thinking it might be a little too "shiny" for me. I'll keep ya'll posted.
  14. OMG!!!!! I love the box in silver!!! I am in love with it!!!
  15. Beautiful!! I'm sure your excitement will grow!