My silver baby cabas

  1. I just got this silver baby coco cabas yesterday. I thought the color is going to be silver like my wallet but it's actually more to a greyish-dirty silver (not metallic). I still love it tho, but i love the size of original cabas better than this.

    My SA told me that this baby cabas' price is going to be $200 more.:wtf:
    cabas.jpg chanelcabas.jpg
  2. It is unbeleivably gorgeous...congrats!
  3. :nuts: I like that color too! ..And she looks great on you! Congrats!!
  4. gorgeous! CONGRATS! i love it!
  5. omg I love it!!!!
  6. congrats!
  7. Great bag, a great alternative to black. Looks great on you!
  8. this a khaki cabas? It looks like a khaki to me...:confused1:
  9. congrats! It's pretty!
  10. congrats!gorgeous!
  11. it's beautiful :yes: wow... more price increase? do u mind how much r u getting this for? i think mine was 1650 without tax.
  12. congrats! looks great!
  13. I never see the khaki before.. yes it doesnt look like silver.. but my SA told me it's silver.. :yes:
  14. :shame:
    :nuts:OMG, love, love, love the color alot !! And of course it looks so great on you !!
    Really nice choice !! Beautiful !:yes::heart:
    Enjoy !