My Silly Stupid Bloomies Deal!!

  1. I'm going to have to go to an unlisted address on another continent after I post this, but check out what I got for $237 during Bloomie's Private Sale last week!:yahoo:

    It was on sale, plus the extra 40% off PLUS the code for 20% off! :supacool:

    Running to the witness protection program as I speak. :graucho:

    2007_0618Image0070.JPG 2007_0618Image0072.JPG
  2. OH WOW!! I can't believe SA told me (well, everyone said as well) that the extra 40% off didn't apply to MJ bags?!

    You're so lucky, and it's beautiful!!
  3. :shocked: Wow, you got an amazing deal!! Congrats!
  4. wow congrats! is that the whiskey color?
  5. Congrats! great bargain you've got there! :smile:
  6. hey i got the same bag for the same deal!! I love it!!simple and classy!
  7. Yep, it's the whiskey color! I love it! :yes:

    couturefemme: It was my understanding that the MJ bags weren't included in the sale too, but obviously someone messed up on this particular bag. I ordered it online though, so maybe that was the reason. It's also a Fall '06 style so maybe they were just wanting to get rid of it. This one had never been touched. It was still sealed up in plastic and all the metal parts were still covered with plastic. Sometimes the older models that are marked down are returns, but this one is brand squeaking new. :yahoo:

    And it's SUEDE LINED!!! Not that icky fabric lining that's being used now.
  8. Congrats! That color is droolworthy! ... and the suede lining is always a plus.
  9. That is just gorgeous, E! Good for you! One of these days, I'm going to score some crazy deal.....
  10. wow, cute bag!! congrats on your great deal!!
  11. Did you find a genie in a bottle?!?! That's an awesome bag and an even more awesome deal!! Buy a lottery ticket TODAY!
  12. Congrats on the awesome deal!!
  13. Amazing deal!!! Congrats! It's such a great color!!
  14. WOW!!

    Thats gotta be the best deal ever!

    Congrats..TDF color!
  15. Congrats on that amazing deal on a beautiful bag!!