my silly post!

  1. i was out yesterday and saw a girl with a perfo speedy, and the handles were practically up to her shoulders! sigh... looked really cute and made me wish i had skinnier arms. lol sorry, thats my little post. :yahoo:
  2. wierd. i think a speedy looks odd underneath the arm.
    did it really look cute?
    hmmm. somebody should try that!
  3. haha! I do that w/ my speedy's sometimes when my hands are full!
  4. i thought it looked cute, a bit squishy, but still cute. i just figure it seems really handy, i dont always feel like holding it in my hand.
  5. ^I can't never do that:sweatdrop:
  6. lol... my arms are way too fat for this...
  7. I saw the similiar, too but she shouldered fake perfo and by she shouldered it, the side of Perfo Speedy fold to the body.
  8. i saw a picture of brandy doing the same thing with a mc speedy, but I didn't like it!
  9. I don't think the speedy looks good on the shoulder. It looks much nicer on the arm or in the hand, in my opinion.
  10. Yeah even if you do have thinner arms, I don't like the look of it under's not meant to be a shoulder bag with those short handles..
  11. I couldn't cos I've got fat arms :lol:
  12. there's so many bags i wished i could carry on my shoulders but alas....
  13. anyone have a pic of this .. i would like to see it as a shoulder bag, but of course being a bbw i couldn't do it myself
  14. I always carry mine on my arm. I can't really see it on my shoulder..
  15. boy, how I wish I can do the same w/my speedy......never in a million years I can shouldered speedy *sniff*