My Silly Friends

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  1. So I just graduated from university and bought myself a bbag (some of you may have recalled, it was the sky blue '05 city from AFF). I got it for $875 + $25 shipping which to me, is AMAZING for a bbag. I recently had a bunch of friends over at my house and my sister said "guess how much she payed for that bag over there" and they being the clueless people that they are, were like "uuh, $200? $300?" I wish! :rolleyes: So when they finally guessed they were like "whoa, it's nice but I would never pay that much for a bag" or "you'd rather buy a bag then spend the money on a trip to las vegas?" or "why is it so much?" one of the girls read the label and butchered the name, calling it "ben see ga" or something like that. haha so they were all harping on me and I was thinking, "man, the people over at TPF would totally understand!" :smile:
  2. All that matters is if you love it!!
  3. i lie to my brand-virgin friends about the price of my bags :p they would never get it!
  4. I do the same. as well to my BF;)
  5. Similar story happened to a fellow TPFer long time ago. I just want to say people have different hobbies: some people would rather like to spend $$ on food, some on traveling. We TPFers like bags. So forgive your friends =) You didn't buy the bag for them, you bought it for yourself. I believe you look so gorgeous with the bag, and that is the most important :graucho:
  6. Wow, that's a great deal! It's hard for other people to understand spending so much on a purse. But you're right, tpfers always understand.
  7. And just think, you'll have it forever (or until you decide to get rid of it), whereas the trip to Vegas is only a couple of days, and you may not even remember most of it! (Now, if it were a trip to Fiji that would be more tempting, but would also be way more than $900!) :nogood:
  8. That's exactly how I feel! And I always lie about how much I spend on my's just not worth the judgement

  9. i think is better if you spend 800$ or more for something you'll really love instead of a bounch of dresses that you'll forget in the closet in a few time
  10. i am sorry to hear that. it happens a lot from friends and even family at times...... it's happened to the best of us. some of us just shrug it off other are good at standing up for themselves. none the less... that's why we all come here, where people can understand.
  11. You got a great deal.Congrats!!!

    its hard to explain to friends/family our obsession about B bags and how much we spent. The just dont understand.
  12. We had a thread going recently about this and I think most people said they 'lie' about the price of their bags.

    It is hard for people to understand specially if they dont have the means to make that kind of purchase. I would say that, unless your friends are into high (priced) fashion, keep the price of your bag to yourself, that way no one gets offended or upset. (its non of their business how you spend your money anyway)

  13. Boy, can I relate. No one seems to understand (except PF'ers). Congrats on graduating, that is a big accomplishment and one to be celebrated!
  14. wow that is a GREAT deal. what is AFF and how can i get a bbag at such great prices??? :graucho:
  15. :roflmfao: I think my friends would pronouce Balenciaga in the same way or even worse! its quite hard sometimes when you have friends who are "brand virgins" as Chloe suggested above.... they never understand why you spend sooo much on a bag... its a good thing that I can count on everyone here when I cant decide on a certain "tone" on a color... :yes: